Duct Leakage Testing: measurement methods and tools

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With the development of new energy and environmental sensibility the need for control of the tightness class of the ducts has become a prerequisite for the quality of the aeraulic plant.

The Duct Leakage Testing at the construction site must be programmed in the design phase and must be made during each phase of construction in which the total seal can be controlled, thus being able to carry out at the same time in a simple way, any necessary repairs.

The leak test must be to test the amount of air that is lost from aeraulic system to a specified pressure in the intake with a given side surface.


  • A (less performant)
  • B (longer required class for air conditioning systems)
  • C (normally it used for plants where it is important to the sealing and plant performance)
  • D (useful for particular applications only)


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