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We have created a network of licensees who use our patented system for the sanitisation and monitoring of air conditioning units.

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The idea behind the development project is to divide the European territory into homogeneous areas, to recreate the conditions in each area that have led Aria Spa to be the benchmark for the sanitisation of pipelines for air-conditioning in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Who is the typical Licensee? Anyone willing to enter the world of plant maintenance and have an entrepreneurial spirit. The Aria SpA license assumes you already have a company or alternatively to create a new one suitable for the purpose.

Contact us for more information on the various possibilities offered by become a Aria SPA Licensee.

The ARIA SpA  project is divided into 4 key areas:

  1. Develop the core business that has distinguished us in all these years, that is sanitisation and hygienisation ed igienizzazione of air conditioning distribution channels (owned registered Patent), monitoring and calibration systems, maintenance plans and risk assessments with the A.R.I.A. method developed in collaboration with the University of Udine;
  2. Create a network of licensees both in Italy and abroad that use our patented system for sanitisation and monitoring of plants;
  3. Design, build and sell plants and air conditioning ducts hygienically performing.
  4. Sell via e-commerce, materials for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation with a complete package of design, supply components, maintenance and programming of home automation control, direct to the installer or to the end user.

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