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Aria Spa to complete the network of Licensee on Italian and European territory to exploit its Patent for the Sanitisation of aeraulic systems.

The idea behind the development project is to divide the European territory into homogeneous areas, to recreate the conditions in each area that have led Aria Spa to be the benchmark for the sanitisation of pipelines for air-conditioning in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The Base License Aria Spa includes the use of the objects covered by patents and brands, as well as providing all the expertise necessary for providing the services, including through training of Licensee’s staff.

The basic license also includes the following equipment:

  • Aspirator for plant sanitisation;
  • Carriage for aspirator (no. 2 pieces)
  • Connecting pipe between the aspirator and air duct
  • Container for connecting pipe between the apirator and air duct
  • Sanitising pump
  • Separator group for oil and water
  • Blue hose length 25 mt (no.2 pieces)
  • White hose length 50 mt

Furthermore it comes to the LICENSEE without transfer of ownership the following material:

  • Heads of the sanitisation system ARIA®
  • Technical and commercial publications produced for promotional purposes by ARIA®
  • Materials both paper and electronic designed to make the training of both operators of the LICENSEE and external professionals
  • Operator manual of the ARIA® system in all its versions
  • Files for creation of offers, technical reports, … , for services object of the contract
  • Use of the trademark “ARIA LICENSEE®” and the words “Licensee ARIA” on all publications and corporate documents 
  • Any object or publication relating to the products supplied by ARIA®

The contract has a term of five years renewable for another five.

Who is the typical Licensee? Anyone willing to enter the world of plant maintenance and have an entrepreneurial spirit. The Aria SpA license assumes you already have a company or alternatively to create a new one suitable for the purpose.

Aria Spa offers three different ways to become a Licensee based on the different needs of the future Licensee:

  1. The Licensee has already his business and wants to expand its range of services;
  2. The Licensee doesn’t have the company, then you create a Innovative Start Up and there are two scenarios:
    1. Start Up creation with participation of Aria Spa up to a maximum of 30 % of the share capital;
    2. Start Up creation without participation of Aria Spa.
  3. The Licensee has already a company but want to keep separate business, then creates the new Innovative Start Up who will join his company. Even here Aria Spa can participate up to a maximum of 30 % of the share capital.

The “basic unit” to define the area of expertise for a license Aria Spa is composed of approximately 1.000.000 people, with this pool of users are guaranteed a good corporate profitability. Therefore Aria Spa will license its patent to the Licensee for a base unit, or multiple of it.

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