Ductwork air-cleaning system for the health of people

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Increasingly unbreathable air!! 3 million deaths worldwide due to pollution! 92% of the world’s population lives in places where the air quality does not meet the limits set by WHO!

In short.. what air do we breathe?

Not to make the free terrorism, but the situation is really worrying.

The analysis carried out by the University of bath, in the UK, has taken into account the data collected through satellites and ground sensors, from 3,000 places, both urban and rural, across the world.

What is the ductwork air-cleaning system?

If the outside air is polluted, it will be the internal one too. If the air inside comes through an air conditioning system, it goes without saying that it must be controlled with targeted routine maintenance. One of these is the maintenances is the ductwork air-cleaning. (altro…)

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