A) Denomination

The denomination of the company is ARIA SpA

B) Registered office and business contact details

The Registered Office of the company is in Castions di Zoppola (PN) via Stretta n. 4 – Cap 33080 – Italy

Tel +39 0434 574 477 – Fax +39 0434 97 87 69 – info@aria-spa.it – www.aria-spa.it

The Operating headquarter is in Zoppola Via Prà dei Risi n. 5/c. – Cap 33080 – Italy

C) Tax Code and Vat Registration Number


D) Share capital

The authorized share capital amounts to € 600.000,00 (sixhundredthousand/00 Euros) and is consists of

ordinary shares with a nominal value of € 1,00 (one/00 Euros).

E) Board of Directors of the Company

Chairman of the Board of Directors Borean Elena

Board member Marco Balsamini

Board member Borean Stefano

F) Board of Statutory Auditors

President Prof. Recchia Giuseppe

Statutory Auditor Dr. Tiranti Albero

Statutory Auditor Dr. Buzzavo Marco

Alternate Auditor Dott.ssa De Marchi Emanuela

Alternate Auditor Dott.ssa Triggiani Vita Michela

G) Treasury department

Responsible Borean Stefano

H) Authorization number

The company is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone with number PN – 76092

L) Current business activities

• the maintenance, cleaning, sanitizing, degreasing, the sealing and insulation

of pipelines and/or fireplaces and/or flues refrigeration and/or heating

and/or ventilation and/or air conditioning and/or and/or suction air

and/or expulsion air for the industry, crafts,trade, retailers, the health care,

the military, civil and private user in general, including all machinery

and accessories related to the system;

• the calibration and adjustment of installations for the ventilation, suction, filtration,

climate control, air conditioning and refrigeration;

• the certification on ambient air quality in healthcare, commercial,

retail, industrial, craft ,civil,  private user and


• the accreditation / certification of operating rooms and clean rooms;