Time to check air conditioning before warm weather arrives

Check Air Conditioning

It’s important to have a home’s air conditioning checked before it actually gets hot! There’s nothing worse than trying to turn on the AC on the first hot day only to find out it’s not working. Most professional HVAC service providers know to check certain aspects of a home’s air systems to prepare them for warmer weather.

Aria spa recommends the following things homeowners can do during spring to ensure their air conditioning system is ready for the heat of summer:

Clean or replace air conditioning filters. A dirty filter will slow down air flow and make the system work harder to keep you cool. They begin to look clogged with dust, and if you don’t have clean filters, air flow will be restricted. This will reduce efficiency, and you will recirculate dust into your home.

Clean AC condenser coils. An air conditioner’s condenser unit, typically located outdoors, is like a large fan in a metal box. Ideally, it is protected through the winter by a cover or tarp to prevent accumulation of debris inside it. Otherwise, it might contain leaves, yard debris and dirt, and you will need to clean it. Anything that obstructs the flow of air will cut down the condenser’s efficiency.

Test the unit. After a good thorough cleaning, allow the unit to dry completely and then turn the power to the condenser back on.

Cleaning products

We recommend these products to clean your air conditioner: (altro…)

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