Pollution puts children’s brain at a clear disadvantage

Air Pollution Induces Subclinical Structural Changes in Children s Brains

High levels of air pollution fatigue the brain structure of the little ones.

The scientists of Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology of Barcelona talk about “down effect” referring to the cerebral slowdown that can affect children exposed to high levels of pollution. The study published in the Epidemiology magazine, shows as children, exposed to traffic-related contamination during the way to school, would make more effort to follow their lessons in the classroom, taking longer to answer to questions and accusing, in general, concentration difficulties.

During days characterized by high peaks of air pollution increase the risks of depression, psychosis and early dementias.

Also the University of Turin (Italy) has showed that the pollution would be responsible even of genetic mutations and DNA alterations.

Study analyses

The study has concerned a sample of 2.600 students from 7 to 10 years, with some evaluation tests of the ability to be careful at school and comparing the results with the fluctuations in the quality of the air. The experts explain that chronic exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in preadolescent children is associated with subclinical changes in the caudate nucleus of their brains.

Prevent is better to cure

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Risk assessment document


What is risk assessment?

The risk assessment is one of the primary obligations of every employer. (art.li 17, 28 e 29 D.Lgs 81/08). Assess the risks within a company means taking into consideration all the aspects defined in the legislation and in particular the measures to be implemented mandatory to reduce these risk factors. The legislation in relation to the risk assessment determines:

  • how it must be drawn up the risk assessment document
  • which job positions are responsible
  • what needs to be inserted in the document in order to be exactly in compliance with the legislation.

The risk assessment is an important step to protect workers and the company, and to comply with legal obligations.

What is the risk assessment document?

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Inail, health and safety in swimming pools

swimming pools

INAIL, Italian National Insurance Institute Accidents at Work, has published a new book for health and safety in pools to give more information on the sources of danger and to reduce accidents that occur every year in the swimming pools.

Targeted to parents, staff surveillance and security managers, this book combines the technical and regulatory requirements and organizational and behavioral aspects with the preventive measures for the protection of health and safety.

In swimming pools, both goers that bathers can be subject to accident, mild or strong entity. The following table shows the dangers of using the pools:

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