UNI EN 13269:2016 Guideline On Preparation Of Maintenance Contracts

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uni en 13269

This European Standard provides guidance on the preparation of private contracts for maintenance work.

The UNI EN 13269:2016 (Start Validity Date june 16, 2016) can be applied to:

  • cross-border as well as national company/maintenance contractor relationships,
  • the whole range of maintenance services including planning, management and control in addition to maintenance operations,
  • every type of item with the exception of computer software unless the software has to be maintained as an integral part of, and together with, technical equipment.

It does not:

  • provide standard forms for maintenance contracts,
  • determine rights and obligations between company and maintenance contractor,
  • provide rules for agreements with public administrations.

This document supersedes EN 13269:2006.

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