New! In Milan the first Allergy free hotel

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allergy free hotels

In Milan the first Allergy free hotel! After being the first “Zero-Emission”, from the 1st of April 2016 Hotel Milano Scala is the first ALLERGY FREE Hotel in Milan!

An entire rooms floor has been set according to the guidelines developed by ALLERGY FREE HOTELS, the first project recognized by the major quality labels and medical certifications in Europe that created a natural prophylaxis and ecological system able to eliminate all microorganisms and allergens present inside a hotel room.

According to our green philosophy, ALLERGY FREE HOTELS is an eco-friendly project as it only uses natural substances – trivalent oxygen (O3) and water (steam) – excluding in this way any chemical substance that could be dangerous for the environment and potentially harmful for humans.

An idea not at all bad if we think of how much damage it is doing the pollution in the world. With the application of this protocol, you can make any hotel room “Bio Allergy Friendly” by promoting the improvement of sleep quality and general well-being during the holidays and business trips.

Our mission is “air qulity improvement” too! We are pleased to find that there is more and more attention to the improvement of air quality!

Contact us to learn more about how to improve the air you breathe!

Aria Spa staff

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